Classroom Resources for Teachers

Effective teachers borrow lessons from each other, adapting those lessons to meet the needs of their students.   The founder of The Effective Educator has posted hundreds of his own social studies lessons and resources on this site.  Click on the links below to borrow some of his lessons.

The founder of The Effective Educator also has hundreds of additional resources related to US History, World History, Economics, South African History, and teaching reading and writing skills.  Contact us at for these resources.

For those of you who teach other subjects and age groups, there are dozens of lesson sharing web-sites.  Two of the largest are and — the latter is a new site in 2012.  Both have hundreds of thousands of lessons to browse and borrow.   The Teaching Channel — — has a much smaller database of lessons, but includes videos of model lessons.  Both Share My Lesson and The Teaching Channel have lessons linked to the Common Core, as does

In addition, The Effective Educator has access to teachers and education experts in a wide range of disciplines and age groups.  Contact us at for more details.

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