AP US History Lesson Database

Dozens of recommended lessons and resources are listed below.  The lessons are organized chronologically by unit.   Some lessons are available to download in full directly on this site, while others require finding the sources provided.  Contact us at resources@effective-educator.com if you’re looking for something in particular that isn’t  listed below, or if you have questions about how to use these lessons in the classroom.

Unit 1: The American Colonies

  • What Happened to Roanoke? (see Kevin O’Reilly’s Critical Thinking in United States History)
  • How Accurate is Disney’s Pocahontas? Pocahontas Lesson
  • The Labor Problem at Jamestown (see edited version of Edmund Morgan’s original article in Graebner and Richard’s American Record) Jamestown Reading Questions
  • America’s Most Wanted: Runaway Slaves and Indentured Servants in Colonial America (see Chapter 3 of Brown and Shannon’s Going to the Source) Runaway Advertisements Chart
  • What Caused the Salem Witch Trials? (see Kevin O’Reilly’s Critical Thinking in United States History)

Unit 2: The American Revolution and the Constitution

Unit 3: The Early Republic

Unit 4: The Age of Jackson & The Market Revolution

Unit 5: Slavery, Westward Expansion, and the Coming of the Civil War

Unit 6: The Civil War and Reconstruction

Unit 7: Industrialization and the Gilded Age

Unit 8: Imperialism, the Progressive Era, and World War I

Unit 9: The 1920s, Great Depression, and World War II

Unit 10: The Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, and Modern America

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