AP US History Powerpoint Lectures

This page includes ~50 AP US History powerpoint lectures.  The lectures are listed in chronological order, and the corresponding American Pageant chapter is listed in parentheses.   Note that a few chapters have multiple lectures, and a few chapters do not have any lectures.  Email us at resources@effective-educator.com for copies of accompanying student handouts, as well as alternate versions of some lectures.

Three Competing Views of Native Americans (1)

Why Do We Celebrate Puritan Massachusetts But Not Jamestown? (2)

Colonial Massachusetts: A “City on a Hill” or Early American Discrimination? (3)

Slavery in Early America (4)

The Winners and Losers of the French and Indian War (6)

The American Colonies: From Loyal Subjects to Independent State (7)

How Did the Colonists Win the American Revolution? (8)

The Political and Social Impact of the American Revolution (9-1)

3 Fears of the Founding Fathers: From the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution (9-2)

The Dangers of the 1st Decade (10)

In What Ways was the Revolution of 1800 Revolutionary? (11)

How Much “Good Feeling” was there in the Era of Good Feelings? (12)

Andrew Jackson: Tyrant or True Defender of the Common Man? (13)

Technology Transforms Americans’ Daily Lives (14)

The Expansion of Slavery and Anti-Slavery (16)

The Mexican War: Manifest Destiny or Slaveholder Conspiracy? (17)

Westward Expansion Causes Conflict Over Slavery (18)

The 1860 Election and the Coming of the Civil War (19)

The 1st 100 Days of the Civil War (20)

How Did the North Win the Civil War? (21)

What Should Be Done for Ex-Slaves and to Ex-Confederates? (22)

The Failure of Reconstruction (23)

Dollars Dominate Democracy: The Politics of the Gilded Age (24)

American Cities in the Late 19th Century: Heaven or Hell? (25-1)

New Immigrants Create a New America (25-2)

Workers Protest the Industrial Age (25-3)

Whites Move West: Manifest Destiny (Again) or Cruel Conquest? (26-1)

Farmers, Failure, and Free Silver (26-2)

America’s First Steps Toward Global Superpower (27)

The Progressive Era and the End of Laissez-Faire America (28)

Comparing Two Progressive Era Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson (29)

The American Role in World War I (30)

The Roaring 20s: Economic Triumphs and Cultural Tensions (31)

The Coming of the Great Crash (32)

FDR Responds to the Great Depression (33-1)

The Limits and Legacy of the New Deal (33-2)

The Coming of World War II: From Peace to Pearl Harbor (34)

World War II: The Most Revolutionary Moment in American (and World) History (35)

The United States, Russia, and the Coming of the Cold War (36-1)

The Cold War Creates Communist Hysteria at Home (36-2)

Two Cars, Two Kids, and a White Picket Fence: The Myths and Realities of the 1950s (37)

The Civil Rights Movement: Reconstruction at Last? (38-1)

The Civil Rights Movement: Is Legal Equality Enough? (38-2)

The Vietnam War Divides America and Devastates Vietnam (38-3)

The 1960s: A Decade of Protest (38-4)

The 1970s: America in Crisis? (39)

The 1980s: Ronald Reagan and the Republicans (40)

Foreign Policy Failures Under Clinton and Bush (41)

The United States in 2012: Triumphs and Challenges (42)

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